Thursday, 17 March 2011

Google Image Search now lets you filter vector-only results

Google Image Search just got a bit fancier: You can now filter search results to only include SVG files.

SVG files, which stand for Scalable Vector Graphics, are files you can easily edit and change without loss of definition. If you've been following our Corel tutorials, they might have given you some ideas about the power of vector graphics.

Being able to use Google to find such files gives designers a great head-start: Need to use a cat in your artwork? Just find a vector one which looks about right, and modify it for your needs! Anything can be edited - the cat's pose, its proportion, colors, etc.

Searching for these files is very simple: Just tack filetype:svg on to the end of your search, like cat filetype:svg, or go to the sidebar and click Images > SVG files.

Being able to find SVGs so easily also poses a bit of a copyright issue however. Anyone posting SVG files publicly should certainly put in a bit more of an effort to make their terms of use very clear, and anyone using them should heed those terms. Play nice folks!

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