Monday, 28 March 2011

Play with Mozilla's HTML5 and WebGL Web O' Wonder

Mozilla Web O' Wonder
Step right up! Mozilla's Web O' Wonder is a fantastic and enthralling and slightly terrifying playground for surfers of all ages and experience levels. Feast your eyes on funky uses of WebGL and CSS3 transitions as slick as a bald man's pate. Marvel at the flexibility of HTML5 video -- but most of all, revel in the fact that everything in the Web O' Wonder is made of Open Web technologies.

The Web O' Wonder is Mozilla's new demo site, and much like Microsoft's Internet Explorer Test Drive it's designed to showcase its new browser, Firefox 4. Unlike the IE Test Drive, however, the Web O' Wonder is actually fun. While the IE Test Drive is soulless, a raw and synthetic benchmark for new browsers, the Web O' Wonder will actually entertain. The Planetarium demo is beautiful, and the Motivational Poster demo is a lot of fun. Click through the demos, you won't be disappointed.

Don't get too excited, however. While the Web O' Wonder is undoubtedly very cool, it only really works with Firefox 4, brutally reminding us yet again that truly cross-platform HTML5 Web experiences are still flights of fancy. The Web O' Wonder just about works in Chrome, but IE9 and Opera can only run a few of the demos successfully.

In other news, the final build of Firefox 4 is expected to arrive on March 22!

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