Friday, 29 April 2011

Buzz Off, Google Buzz

Two days ago, we removed the Google Buzz button from the top and bottom of each post on TechCrunch. No one noticed. Not a single person said a word about it. It wasn't until earlier today when I tweeted�about it that we got some feedback on the change (most of it being: "oh, I didn't even notice"). As I tweeted, that in and of itself says a lot. The issue of Buzz being a viable sharing platform used to be somewhat of a hot-button issue. When I wrote a post last March noting that traffic coming our way from Buzz appeared to be less than that of a dead man, FriendFeed, many folks got up in arms. It turns out, my data was flawed ? but it wasn't necessarily wrong. You see, since Buzz runs within Gmail, which defaults to HTTPS, it scrubs the referrer data before sending the traffic our way. So,�conveniently, the only way to measure Buzz traffic was to infer it. Like a black hole.


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