Friday, 6 May 2011

So Unsocial: Don?t Expect Any Big Google Social Announcements At I/O Next Week

I thought I had Google's PR and launch strategy all figured out a couple of months ago. There haven't been, and won't be, any big "this changes everything" announcements around social, I said. Because, well, no matter how great their products are, it'll be hard to shine next to Facebook. All of my sources in and around Google have said that post was essentially correct and reflected Google's thinking. One thing I was probably wrong about, though. I thought that Google would be releasing something at least around their I/O developer conference next week. In particular there's been chatter that their rumored social video conferencing service that MG Siegler wrote about in December would be announced very soon. Apparently not. The biggest news at I/O next week may be that there will be absolutely no social product launches at the event, say our sources.


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